My Vision

Become slower, more sensitive and more alive. Be able to listen. Turn radically towards the body and treat it in such a way that the soul feels lovingly taken care of in it.  Dare to open the ‘lid’ that so often suppresses all our unpleasant feelings. Healing begins with self-acceptance.

For many years I have been supporting people in Europe and Asia to come a little closer to themselves in order to stand truthfully in their lives. I am experiencing times of great global, collective change that bring new challenges and require a special form of attention. It’s time to look in … now.

The heart needs many extra breaths in these times and we need the opportunity and confidence to take them. That’s what I want to be there for.

My Work

Massage treatments help us to give the body full attention. Tensions are perceived and set in motion. My techniques range from powerful deep, warming, holding and connecting touch. Massage, a quiet affair of the heart.

Yoga courses require the present contact to the floor as well as to mobility and flexibility. Whether practiced with Dynamic or with a slow pace: Yoga means for me in the essence to have the courage to meet yourself, to find the balance to become quiet.

Courses for your Self Development: Who are you, what are your priorities and what seems to stand in your way? What is spirituality in your life? How can Meditation and Mindfulness can help you to be present in everyday life. I give you a safe space so that you can meet yourself and your questions on a deeper level in exchange with others.

Besides ongoing courses and body treatments in Cologne, I offer daily workshops, weekend seminars and wonderful retreats with Yoga and Meditation, which deepen the personal journey. Yogateacher trainings and massage trainings then lead people into the ability to touch and lead other people.

I provide tools that support myself to live a happy and meaningful life. I have the wish to open a space of trust so that everyone can walk their own path sincerely – also and always with the encounter with others.
My way of working with people is direct, personal and honest.

I am in my own evolution through encounters with many outstanding Teachers, a profound Yoga and Meditation practice, trust in OSHO’s words and through different Meditation Technics that support aliveness, authenticity and the courage to face change.
I like to share my vision and work with humor, dedication and a deep sense of responsibility.

I’m happy and curious to meet you.

My professional career

  • tudies of Comparative Sports Science and Pedagogy -University of Bonn
  • Holistic Body Therapy training, Thalamus Köln
  • Further training for Naturopaths, Medius Rheinland Cologne
  • Extensive Training and Teaching Assistants in Bodywork since 2002:
  • Holistic massage ( S. Schweizer, Thalamus Köln)
  • Arun – Conscious Touch ( Anubuddha, Spain, Cologne)
  • Thai Yoga Massage ( Wat Suan Dok, Chiang Mai, Thailand)
  • Ayurveda – Nutrition, Lifestyle, Yoga, Treatment ( Komala Lyra, India, Mallorca)
  • Lomi Lomi Massage (R. Wolff, Corfu)
  • Reconnective Healing® ( E. Pearl; Innsbruck)

Since 2007 I have been continuously training my own students in

  • Thai Yoga Massage/ Deep Tissue Massage
  • Ayurveda – Introductory courses
  • Holistic Massage: Thalamus/ Vipendo School of Naturopathy 100-hour training
  • Massage in Pregnancy
  • Since 2016 together with R. Wolff: Living Touch Massage Training


  • 2004 Teacher Training Shivananda, Hatha Yoga, Kerala, India
  • 2007 Teacher Training Vinyasa, The Yogaloft, Cologne
  • 2010 Teacher Training Yin Yoga, Sarah Powers, Istanbul
  • Since 2015 Co-Teacher in the annual 200-hour Training  in the Vinyasa Teachertraining Yogaloft Cologne.
  • Topics that I teach with passion to future Yoga Teachers:
  • Meditation, mindfulness, restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Ayurveda an Yoga, energetics in Yoga (Vayus / Koshas), Yoga coaching: Who is teaching?

My own Yoga Teachertrainings since 2014/15:

I developed my own Yin Yoga Teachertrainings, 40/45 Hours.


  • 2015 Mindfulness Practice, Cologne
  • 2016 The Yogaloft, Cologne
  • 2016 UTA Institute Cologne
  • 2017 & 2018 Yes! Yoga Studio Cologne
  • 2018 Casa El Morisco, Spain; Yes! Yoga Cologne; UTA Institute

And more:

  • Training and further education in active and passive Meditation Techniques, UTA Institute, Cologne; OIMR, Pune, India.
  • Leader of OSHO Meditations, Inner Skills Day Events, Women’s Groups, Hara Workshops at OSHO Meditations Resort (OIMR), Pune, India.
  • Teaching assistance and Facilitating in the Awareness Intensive: Satori/ Who is in Process in OIMR, UTA Cologne, DIMA Mallorca
  • Leading of Meditation weekends at the UTA Institute CologneLeading Yoga and Meditation Retreats in Germany, Spain, Greece, Italy, India.

To be continued with Love.

I am deeply grateful for any inspiration from authentic educators, therapists, spiritual teachers and all fine people who are brave enough to walk their path.