Yoga and Meditation

Through many journeys to India and the love for meditation, I discovered Yoga. Yoga is a wonderful opportunity to bring silence, mindfulness and presence into motion and into the moment. My work has shifted from many daily Yoga courses to Workshops and Yoga Trainings. I support Vinyasa Teachertrainings ( The Yogaloft Köln, Jenny Redman, Yoga & Pilates Ahrweiler) and give my own Teachetrainings in Yin Yoga as well as Yoga & Meditation Seminars. Let’s meet and let’s go deep.

What is Yoga?
“Practice and all is coming.” — Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

In Yoga you get to know yourself on many levels: Physically through positions which strengthen your physical perception, through the art of moving and to cleanse the organs etc. Spiritually through the held concentration, which can relax at some point to create a space into Silence and Meditation. In Yoga we can find a home of possibilities and I love to stand at the door to invite the Yogis to come in. My lessons are full of enthusiasm, humor and are resource-oriented. I try my best so that the sporty people, the older, the limited, the stiff or also the tired bodies etc. find their way into Yoga. Yoga Teachers and Yoga beginners stand next to each other on the mat in my classes. It’s possible. We all stay students. What I ask you to bring is an open mind so Yoga is not practiced as as a competitive sport but as an artform to integrate life onto the mat while you have having fun discovering it.

Vira Drotbohm Yoga und Massage

What does Yin Yoga actually mean?

Yin Yoga is a mindfulness practice in which positions are held long and passively. This is not about muscle power and dynamics, but about the conscious feeling of sensations that arise during practice. You have the opportunity to go completely inside and practice letting go. Especially suitable in times of exhaustion, overload and nervous restlessness, but also to let asanas have a deep effect on the energy channels and organs.

What does Vinyasa Yoga actually mean?

Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic Yoga form based on Hatha Yoga. Movement and breathing are synchronized in a creative and flowing asana sequencing. The focus is varied again and again in each class. It’s about lightness but also strength building. Over sixty minutes the perception for your body including the body heat is built up, in order to then change into the longer held stretching exercises, forward and backward bindings. Meditation and breathing exercises are giving a save frame so your journey will always lead to the inside and give you space to explore and feel yourself deeper.


Yoga Classes

Let me support you personally: Together we explore your questions and wishes so that Yoga can be tailored to you and your body.

Single lesson: 80€ (incl. VAT)
Set of 4: 300€ (incl. VAT)

Depending on my time capacity, I also make home visits within Cologne.

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Daily Yoga courses

When I am not teaching abroad I represent courses in The Yogaloft Cologne, Yes! Yoga Studio or Anapurna Yogastudio Cologne.

Ongoing courses are held here on a regular basis here:

Tuesdays, 7.30h – 8h pm
Hatha Vinyasa Yoga – all levels
UTA Cologne:
8.15 pm Yin Yoga UTA Cologne

Wednesdays every 14 days, 7 h – 8 h pm
Vinyasa relaxed – all levels
Bushido Mittelstr.
8- 9.30 pm: Yinyoga

Wednesdays 9.30 am – 11.00 am
Vinyasa all Levels
Anapurna, Agnesviertel Cologne


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