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DIMA Mallorca: The Heart of Yoga

2. Juli 2023 um 10:0018:00

A workshop to find stillness, movement and stillness during movement.

In this workshop we look into the big Yoga field to connect, to be present, to move, breath and to be. Yoga gives numerous ways to expand from the inside. We check the given ethics according to Patanjali, move softly into Asanas/ postures, breath divine intelligence into our skin, stay compassionate with boundaries of this body and call our wisdom to relax this monkey mind. Vira will use Meditation techniques that are not as structured as well as postures that help us to ground and to help us the present. Every body can practice this ancient technic that asks us to become more still, more silent. So let’s meet, relax and enjoy a Yoga day together.

 “After all this time being on the mat, teaching all those classes every week, training many many Yoga teachers every year, it still so excites me to turn your energy on! Yoga is as individual as the body is and all we have to do is to find the knack.”

As I am trained trained in classic Hatha, modern Vinyasa, energetic Kundalini & meditative Yin yoga and am totally fond of the deep Wisdom Osho’s active Meditations can give, I always uses a mix of formal and informal structures.

“The moment is all we have, so let’s create a yoga time not with yesterdays’s concepts, but with today’s feeling. There are so many ways to kiss your own Self!


2. Juli 2023
10:00 – 18:00


+34 681 613 470