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Enneagram & Yoga. A Retreat to dive deep.

2. April 20239. April 2023

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A week to move, to feel, to learn and to see!

In this week we will use the mornings to enjoy Movement and Breath through Yoga. As usual I will apply different Yogastyles like Hatha – Vinyasa – Kundalini and Yinyoga as they help us to move and ground Energy and to lighten up the day. In the afternoons we will explore the ancient system called Enneagramm. What is this?

The Enneagram is an ancient wisdom tool that helps us see and understand the personality structures we have formed around our essential being in order to survive in the holding environment we grew up in. Often this once very intelligent coping strategy becomes a hindrance later on in life when we long to meet life fully and more responsively, rather then repeating the same patterns over again, having self-defeating tendencies.

In Enneagram to Essence Work we use this ancient wisdom tool to unravel the fixation and sufferings of our personality structure, by developing understanding and creating awareness around it, and gradually use what we find to make our way home to our true nature. The Enneagram will serve as a sort of handrail as we proceed into the depth of our psyche and serve our hearts desire to know who we are beyond habitual limitations and outdated belief systems.

In this workshop you will:
• Learn about the 9 types of the enneagram, from the perspective of our physical body as well as self-inquiry
• Move through the energy of each type somatically, experiencing the high and low side of each strategy
• Find places that are stuck, unexpressed, alive, exaggerated or repressed
• Expand into those energies within us that might have been forgotten


Next to a wonderful time in a lush Garden, resting in hammocks and a walk to the Mediterranean Sea we are going to take a deep look into our personality structures and into the places that ask for expansion and healing.

As Sundays are arrival/departure Days we will work from Monday – Saturday.

Sunday 2nd April we have a Welcome Meeting in the evening once everyone is there.

During the week:

2 Hours soft or energetic Yoga -usually before Breakfast

2-3 hours Enneagram Workshop -usually in the afternoons

3 times after Dinner Integration/ Meditation.

According to the wish of the group we can also change timings – like having a workshop time after Dinner etc.


Kanika Frings is a Holistic Counsellor that is extremely passionate about discovering our human potential and thus uncovering the mechanisms within ourselves that stop us from living our essential nature. She has witnessed and experienced our innate capacity to heal and feels it is the most worthwhile endeavour to embark on, the journey of integration, and therefor individual and collective expansion. By intuitively combining a multifold of modalities she works specifically with each persons individual “make up”, both one on one and in group settings, to hone one’s own and the collective, inherent wisdom for insight, healing and transformation.

Her way of working is based and inspired on the Enneagram to Essence Work (Gurdjieff, Ichazo, Hudson, Chestnut & Paes, and others), Essence Work (Diamond Approach, A.H Almaas & Diamond Logos, Faisal Muqaddam ), Cellular Transformation (Jennifer Millar), Holistic Counselling (Rafia Morgan & Turiya Hanover), Somatic Experiencing (Trauma Work, Peter Levine), Gestalt Therapy (Fritz Perls), Constellation Work & Spiritual Coaching (Bert Hellinger & Klaus Horn), Meditation & Mindfulness Techniques (Osho Therapies & others).

This workshop will be hosted in English language.

Price: Fullboard and Accommodation in Doubleroom: 650 Euro. Single Room plus 105,- This amount you pay to Casa El Morisco

Yoga  Enneagram Workshop: 700 Euro


2. April 2023
9. April 2023


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