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DIMA Mallorca: Mindfulness & the Heart

20. April

In this seminar, we lovingly turn to our hearts to what is. In traditional Chinese medicine, the heart is referred to as the “emperor”. The term symbolises the sustaining energy force of the heart that connects everything that is in us and around us.

We will use tools from mindfulness work according to Tara Brach (RAIN), soft opening body exercises from yoga as well as releasing bodywork to explore and integrate the many layers of the heart.

Compassion, acceptance and perceived joy are the cornerstones of a healthy heart. It is not about looking at the world through rose-coloured glasses, but about developing the ability to directly and honestly perceive what is present in the moment. Allow yourself to discover the moment in which everything can fall into place and expand from there in a relaxed way.

The seminar is for anyone who enjoys mindful movement, likes chanting and is willing to engage in intensive dialogue with other people.

Time: 10 am -6pm

Costs 90 Euro plus 15,- for a great vegetarian/ vegan lunch.


20. April


+34 681 613 470